After the day of love has passed, we can calmly weigh how to focus that celebration in the future if loneliness this time invaded your heart.

First of all, you should know that Valentine’s stories are many and not all are loving. One talks about how in Rome, between February 13 and 15, the young women lined up for the naked and drunk men to propitiate them a fight — yes — with a clean chant — thinking that a good fuetiza would make them more fertile.

Many of us are graced now that we mostly receive flowers and chocolates — although some buy them to devour alone. Nobody gives us a fight that day (at least not me 😊) except ourselves who, driven by the expectations of society, beat ourselves up for being single …

Worse still — that day we only have eyes for those who are mated to the exclusion of those who, like many of us, are single and ‘having a good time out there’.

Interesting that last night while talking with Sylvia I realized that even with a partner you can feel loneliness. Her hubby was on a trip that day and even though he was present — his coldness and disinterest does not fill the void for our little friend. That’s what I call alone in company.

But not all single women feel isolated. Luckily many enjoy their space filling it with home beauty or carrying out activities that nurture the lives of others, whether they are family or friends.

If this past February 14 that was not you — then we are going to give you a few ideas so that you can put your situation in perspective and fully enjoy the day of love next year (even if you do not have a macharrán by your side to share it. )

We start with …

  1. Forget the name that trade pushes us for that day … Think that every day has its own name. Repeat with me … Monday … Tuesday … Wednesday …
  1. Give yourself a good life and get the ice cream. Hide in your home laughing out loud, thinking that you are cheating everyone. Put on Netflix and party with the pint of Praline Pecan that you have in your freezer. You hang around by yourself without thinking of anyone else ..
  1. Send yourself a bouquet of red roses to work and tell your colleagues that they are from a person who really loves you. They will be in one piece!
  2. Stay away from romantic movies, choose to see a zombie or a vampire one. They will keep you good company.
  3. Note that the celebration of Saint Valentine is the result of the efforts of the market to promote their sales. Don’t let them separate you from your money …
  4. Identify someone in a worse situation than yours and shake hands with them. Think that it always benefits you to be generous.
  5. Send an anonymous gift to someone who has done something nice for you. A gesture of gratitude that he will surely never forget — and neither will you.
  6. Recognize that it is only one day of many. It’s a Monday, it’s a Tuesday, a Wednesday … as we noted at the beginning …
  7. We are sure that you would rather be alone one day than in bad company all 365.
  8. It is unnecessary to go into an emotional coma. Make yourself beautiful and go out into the world to show them who you are… thinking, “I am the best Valentine’s gift that has ever been seen around here.”

Finally, let’s not waste our precious time longing for what is not there. It is preferable to spend our hours appreciating what we do have at our disposal, enjoying it to the fullest and sharing it with others during any day of the year, be it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday …

Does it make sense to you?

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