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Lavadora pequeña plegable para el hogar, ropa interior para dormitorio de estudiantes, Mini lavadora de calcetines, Cubo de lavado portátil, enchufe de la UE, 8L

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Lavadora plegable de 8L, calcetines portátiles, ropa interior, bragas, lavadora doméstica retráctil, 3 modelos con secado giratorio

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Características del producto

1. Gran Capacidad: 29,5*29,5*29CM, uno lavable: 1 toalla de baño para bebés, 8 prendas para bebés, 15 suéteres para bebés, 4 juguetes pequeños, 2 camisetas para madres, 6 prendas de ropa interior, 8 prendas de ropa interior y 12 pares de Calcetines (datos anteriores proporcionados por el laboratorio al 800) cálculo de la capacidad de los paños, específico, consulte nuestro actual.)

2. Pequeño y fácil de transportar: la altura después del plegado es de solo 14,5 cm (prueba manual, con cierto error), lo cual es conveniente para viajar y fácil de transportar

3. Lavado y deshidratación integrados: con cesta de drenaje separada, no solo puede lavar la ropa, sino también deshidratar

Información adicional

Brand Name



Mainland China

product category:

Folding washing machine

Energy efficiency level:

No energy efficiency level


1.7kg, 1.7kg

Packing list:

Washing machine * 1

Motor type:

Fixed frequency



Wash capacity:

Under 2kg


Folding washing machine

18 valoraciones en Lavadora pequeña plegable para el hogar, ropa interior para dormitorio de estudiantes, Mini lavadora de calcetines, Cubo de lavado portátil, enchufe de la UE, 8L

  1. 오***자

    It’s good for the price. It’s right without having to play with a washing machine like a towel. I don’t know how long it will last, but the delivery is also in 4 days

  2. e***e

    I just filled the water and turned it around. It works fine.

  3. Shopper

    I got it in 8 days, the box is a bit squishy, but the contents are in good condition. I bought it very cheaply.
    Will be used well. In particular, the socks will be put into the home washing machine after you wash them. I like the product very much.

  4. t***r

    The sound is loud and the shaking is severe, and you should not be in a row and give yourself time to rest. And the lid is not closed.

  5. i***r

    As the first use, I looked back at two socks. Laundry seems to be my own. We need to dehydrate the dame in the fence.

  6. K***i

    Goods delivery too satisfied there is 100 points
    The product was also better than I thought.
    If you had a cover on the top, that was really good.

  7. Shopper

    One box was completely damaged.
    That’s a little bit because the lid doesn’t fit well.

  8. L***D

    Although not powerful, two or three underwear, the degree seems to be the right amount,
    The washing dehydration mode is not divided into just time. Then it is 15 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes. When rinsing, honestly, just take it out, rinse it separately, take a lid and take the inside detergent, and make a course dolly for dehydration it’s comfortable. Dehydrate is not very close.

  9. p***r

    It’s a cute washing machine. If you suck things like panties and socks, it looks perfect.

  10. 철***양

    I didn’t do the laundry, but it worked well, so I was satisfied with the

  11. u***r

    It arrived and was easy to set up. It also works well

  12. a***i

    Beautiful but the size is not as expected and needs a stronger engine to move like a washing machine with great capabilities

  13. E***a

    Excellent product. Tested and approved, it could be a little larger to fit a little more clothing. The engine is quite strong to carry out centrifugation.

  14. k***k

    When I buy someone else, I think there is noise.

  15. B***t

    Order: 26/08/2023. Delivery: 07/09/2023. Express One delivered the package. The product arrived undamaged. Cute little washing machine. Ideal for washing two pieces of clothing or underwear for travel. It’s quiet, it doesn’t have a big voice. It beeps when the program is finished. The programs work as described, 10, 15 and 2 minute spin. She washed the underwear nicely. I washed thinner T-shirts, jerseys, underwear, bras and socks. I used a 10- and then a 15-minute program for the first time. When washing, the motor runs strong and spins the clothes well. The basket must be snapped into the holder, which keeps the basket stable. When removing the basket, it must be carefully unclipped at three points where the bottom of the basket fits. It is advisable to wring out excess water by hand, then place the garment evenly in the basket so that the washing machine does not jump. The clothes dry quickly when spread out in the summer. I am satisfied with the product so far. 🙂

  16. P***r

    A useful small washing machine for small things. Very fast delivery. I recommend this seller.

  17. M***n

    Works well, matches the product description. Arrived earlier than indicated

  18. Shopper

    Ok. I am truly surprised and grateful for this product. I was afraid to buy it but in the end I made up my mind. You have to take into account the instructions and do not overload the mini washing machine. I wear two blouses (I am size S) and that is enough. Wash the clothes well but as I use liquid soap I feel it is a little soapy so I wash the first time with soap, you have to remove the water manually by opening the drain what the washing machine brings and then I refill and wash without soap and the clothes come out clean. Really worth the purchase.
    When the underwear or underwear I put up to 9 pairs of socks and they wash well. Then I put on 9 panties and they wash well. But as I tell you, I always wash twice so that the soap goes well. The cycle of dehydrating the clothes is 2 mins, it is very short but it helps when I do it twice but since it is not enough time I feel that the clothes always come out with water so I drain it manually. Do not overload the basket when they dehydrate the clothes.

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